The minor in Criminal Justice is designed to introduce students to the foundational ideas and concepts that inform society's understanding of crime causation and the criminal justice system. Students will become familiar with the major theories of crime as well as criminological research. In addition, students through their choice of electives will be able to more thoroughly explore one of the substantive areas of criminal justice: policing, law, corrections, or juvenile justice.

Minor requirements include:

The Minor in Criminal Justice will consist of six courses in the following sequence:

    Required Courses:


    • CJ 100 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
    • CJ 105 - Theories of Crime
    • CJ 200 - Statistical Techniques for Criminal Justice
    • CJ 202 - Research Methods in Criminal Justice

    Select one Criminal Justice Law course from the following:


    • CJ 209 - Criminal Law
    • CJ 211 - Evidence
    • CJ 212 - Criminal Procedure

    One Criminal Justice elective

    • Any CJ course