Art History students examine the historical and cultural roles of art in human society, and learn the visual language, techniques and meaning of art and architectural monuments past and present. Art history students develop skills in visual perception, research, writing, and critical and creative thinking. Senior Art History students will complete an art history research thesis project in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Art History Emphasis Requirements:

    Three Departmental Courses:

    • FAH 101 - Introduction to Art
    • One studio art (FAS) course in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, or a three-dimensional medium and
    • FAH 490 - Senior Seminar

    Four Art History Period Courses taken from each of the three broad historical areas:

      Ancient Medieval:


    • FAH 205 - The Archaeology of Egypt
    • FAH 277 - Survey of the Archaeology of Greece
    • FAH 207 - Survey of the Archaeology of Rome
    • FAH 210 - Art and Architecture of the Ancient World
    • FAH 212 - Art & Architecture of the Middle Ages
    • Renaissance/Baroque:
    • FAH 214 - Italian Renaissance Art
    • FAH 216 - Art in the Age of Spectacle: The 17th Century from Caravaggio to Vermeer
    • Modern/Contemporary:
    • FAH 218 - Revolutions in Art: Nineteenth Century Art
    • FAH 220 - New Ways of Seeing: Twentieth Century Art
    • FAH 222 - Global Contemporary Art

    • Sufficient equivalents in Special Topics or Independent Study courses may be substituted with the permission of the student's advisor and the Fine Arts Department Chairperson.

    Two Art History Specialty Courses:

    Selected from the following:

    • FAH 230 - The Arts of the United States and the Americas
    • FAH 240 - Islamic Art and Architecture
    • FAH 258 - History of Photography
    • FAH 260 - The Cinematic Eye - A History of Film to 1945
    • FAH 262 - Contemporary Film - 1945 to the Present
    • FAH 275 - Landscape & Art: Nature and Human Culture
    • FAH 310 - Studies in Architecture
    • FAH 315 - Michelangelo and his World
    • FAH 312 - History of Modern Architecture
    • or appropriate Special Topics courses

    One Fine Arts Elective:

    Selected from:

    • Studio Art (FAS),  Music (MU) courses or Theatre (FAH/EN, FAS/EN) course offerings

      Freshman Year


        • HU 103 - Conversatio I
        • FAH 101 - Introduction to Art
        • Language
        • EN 105 - Freshman English


        • HU 104 - Conversatio II
        • Major Course
        • Language
        • Core Course or Fine Arts Elective 


        Subsequent years will be planned in consultation with an advisor in relation to individual student's needs and interests, including internships and study abroad programs.

        A student who wishes to major in Fine Arts after the first semester of the junior year must have permission of the Fine Arts Department Chair, who will also consult with appropriate faculty in the student's selected major area of emphasis.  Transferring late to the major may result in enrollment in additional courses in summer school and/or a later graduation date.

          Course Sequence Outline

          Students select courses in conjunction with an advisor, choosing core courses, major courses, and electives to fit the individual student's interests and field of emphasis. If necessary, substitutions may be made for required emphasis courses with permission of the advisor and department chairperson.