The Language

Russian language courses are offered in a sequence starting from a course for true beginners and continuing all the way to the advanced level. Students may also choose to spend a summer or semester studying in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Literature

The course in Russian Literature explores, in English translation, important writings by major 19th and 20th century Russian authors. Lectures supply a detailed look at social and political events which helped shape the literature.

The Minor

Russian language and literature courses can be supplemented by other courses toward a minor in Russian Area Studies.

Refer to the Online College Catalogue, for more information, including course descriptions. In the catalogue, please select Programs by Area: Majors and Minors, as well as Courses of Instruction.

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  • Letter to Prospective Students

    Current events and those of the very recent past have focused world attention on Eastern Europe. Americans need to know about the political and social reorganization going on in Russia. As the largest country in the world, it is immensely rich with human and natural resources. It is estimated that about 250,000 Russians live in the eastern part of United States, 70,000 in Massachusetts alone. The federal government lists Russian among languages of strategic importance for Americans to know when applying for many federal and state government positions. Therefore, it is more important than ever to know the Russian language.

    Knowledge of Russian can facilitate graduate study and make one very competitive in international business, foreign service, international law enforcement, journalism, translating and teaching, to name but a few of the many career possibilities. Russian belongs to the Slavic languages group and will facilitate understanding and learning other languages belonging to this group and spoken in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

    In addition to our sequence of language courses ranging from a true beginners to the advanced level, students can add other courses to fulfill the requirements for a minor in Russian Area Studies, and/or spend a summer or semester studying in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    We hope that you will consider satisfying the modern language requirement by choosing Russian language courses at Saint Anselm College.


    Catherine Spitzer, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Russian

  • Useful Links and Resources

The Russian Area Studies minor is an integrated course of study designed to provide full-time, degree-candidate students at Saint Anselm College with a comprehensive understanding of the life and culture of the Russian area. Interlocking relationships in Russian area political power, philosophical thought, social planning, and religious and cultural institutions form the basis for the Russian Area Studies minor. While not in itself a major program of studies, it will satisfy, in many cases, an interest in a single specialty begun in the student's major field.

Minor requirements:


  1. A declaration of intent to participate in the minor should be presented by the student no later than second semester of the junior year.
  2. Five courses in the Russian field in three different disciplines including: Language, Literature, History, Politics, and Economics.
  3. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.