The Social Work minor provides students from various majors with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for effective social work practice. Social Work minors should consult with the Director of Social Work to design a program of studies most appropriate to their particular interests and one that will complement their major field of studies. The Social Work minor consists of six total courses: SO 150, SO 255, SO 256, SO 357, SO 358 OR SO 359 and SO 450.

Minor requirements include:

  • SO 150 - Introduction to Social Work: Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • SO 255 - Social Welfare: Poverty and Public Policy
  • SO 256 - Social Services
  • SO 357 - Social Work: Therapeutic Interviewing
  • And one of the following courses:
  • SO 359 - Group Work
  • SO 352 - Selected Topics in Social Work
  • Any SO 200 or 300 level course (excluding SO 211 and SO 212)