Politics & Eggs with Martin O’Malley

By Bentley Warren ’21 & Max Ratner ‘21 | April 11, 2018

Signing eggs for students

On Tuesday, April 3, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley spoke at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics for a Politics & Eggs event, in partnership with the New England Council. 

Prior to his governorship, Governor O’Malley served two terms as the mayor of Baltimore from 1999-2007. He then served two consecutive terms as Governor from 2007-2015. O’Malley was most recently on the national stage as a candidate in the Democratic primary for president in 2015, however pulled out of the race after the Iowa Caucus.

During O’Malley’s first term as governor, Maryland recovered 100% of the jobs that were lost after the 2008 Stock Market Crash and Recession. He was devoted to college affordability for Maryland families, which led to the College Board naming Maryland as one of the top states in the country for lowest college tuition. Additionally, in 2011, he signed a law that made illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children eligible for in-state college tuition.

Speaking to members of The New England Council, several media outlets, and a select group of Kevin B. Harrington Student Ambassadors at Politics & Eggs, O’Malley stated, “The last election was a deeply humbling experience,” one which has caused both Democrats and Republicans to “think deeply and reflect deeply on who we are as a people.”

O’Malley spoke on a number of different issues ranging from gun control to LGBT rights, and said that he strongly believes “the U.S. is strongest when Republicans and Democrats work together.”  

During Politics & Eggs, O’Malley recalled giving a speech to the students of Suffolk University in Boston, where a student asked, “What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing the nation?” The Governor paused, and then slowly and confidently answered, "Trust. Or a lack of trust."

He did, however, speak of a more hopeful future for America in the young citizens with whom he has spoken, stating, “I have no doubt that our country is going to come through this temporary time,” and that “we will be better for it.” He places a great deal of hope in nation’s youngest generation. In fact, O’Malley believes that they will eventually solve the big trust issue.

The former governor ended his speech by saying that Americans have to face the most prominent issues at hand by working together to overcome them. "This eagle flies best when the right and left wings are both flapping,” he said. Finally, O’Malley affirmed his belief that together, young Americans will restore the trust that has been lost in government, in media, in parties, and in each other and forever strengthen American democracy.

Since the end of his 2016 Democratic Presidential Campaign, the former governor has taken a break from politics. O’Malley is currently giving lectures at the University of Maryland and Harvard University, while also traveling the country campaigning for Democrats. He says he has not ruled out running for president again in 2020.

The New England Council, a Politics & Eggs partner, is a non-partisan association of New England businesses, health and academic institutions, and private and public organizations. The goal of the Council is to promote economic growth across New England, build relationships between its members and federal policy makers, and to support federal policies which benefit region. The organization works with both Democrats and Republicans but does not endorse either political party.