8th Annual Celebration of Research and Scholarship Honors Hard Work of Faculty

March 10, 2022

By Jason Burns '22

The 8th Annual Celebration of Research and Scholarship returned to the DeCiccio Reading Room in Geisel Library after a year on Zoom. The works of faculty who had published works of research and scholarship during 2021 were on display across the room. 

The event recognized 69 faculty members who had published works in 2021, with special presentations by three faculty members - Professors Dina Frutos-Bencze, Nicole Eyet, and Sean Parr. 

In his opening remarks, Dean Cronin offered thanks to the library, appreciating the library’s service as a good partner to faculty. “The College asks a lot of our faculty, whether it be with office hours, service to the college, or scholarship,” said Dean Cronin.  

Professor Dina Frutos-Bencze, Ph.D., associate professor of economics and business, presented her research “Is growth in entrepreneurial activity truly beneficial for a prosperous and equitable economy?”

Working with two researchers from Thailand, Professor Frutos-Bencze sought to understand the entrepreneurial activities in different countries, and how in some instances it is promoting inequality. Frutos-Bencze explained that they put an objective measure to two types of entrepreneurship: opportunity-based, usually seen in developed countries, and necessity-based, usually seen in developing countries. 

“Income inequality is widening worldwide, not just in the U.S.,” said Frutos-Bencze.  She hopes to refine the understanding of what is happening in entrepreneurial situations around the world to encourage intelligent policymaking so that entrepreneurship is promoting equality. 

Professor Nicole Eyet, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, presented her project titled “An experimental and statistical modeling study of the reactivity of cobalt with methyl bromide.” Eyet worked in collaboration with the Air Force Research Lab at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M. 

The goal of the experiment was to “more solidly extrapolate the experimental results of these reactions to what might be broader material concerns of the U.S. Air Force,” Eyet explained. Previously, Eyet has studied other topics in gas phase ion chemistry, which have broad atmospheric and real-world complications. 

Professor Sean Parr, Ph.D., professor of fine arts, presented his new book, “Vocal Virtuosity: The Origins of the Coloratura Soprano in Nineteenth Century Opera.” The book’s focus on the history and modernization of the coloratura soprano, defined as, a very demanding musical performance with many notes, high and low, sung very fast.

Parr denoted a feminist angle to his book, explaining that he discusses “how women were empowered by the coloratura soprano performances as it became more engendered during the 19th century. The book connects the performances of the past to modern day examples of the coloratura soprano, demonstrating how the genre was not out of place in the nineteenth century, but an evolving opportunity for female creativity.  

Heralded by a day of wonderfully warm weather on February 23, the 8th Annual Celebration of Research and Scholarship’s return to the Geisel Library was a rousing success. Faculty and staff gathered to celebrate those who worked hard to contribute to their academic fields and continue to contribute to the prestige of Saint Anselm College. 

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