Orvieto Semester-long Program

Due to COVID-19, we are awaiting approval for Orvieto SP22. 

In anticipation of this, we are now accepting pre-applications to expedite the process should we be given the green light.

To pre-apply, use this form.  There is no application fee. 


Orvieto is an approved Saint Anselm College faculty-led program.
No need to create a study abroad account or make an appointment.  
No application fee. 
No need for you to go through any course approval process since all Orvieto courses automatically receive Saint Anselm credit and apply toward your GPA.


If you have some questions you'd like answered, click here.  

Prof. Rulman, the Orvieto Program director, will get back to you directly.

Summer Archaeological Field School


Unfortunately, both Summer 2020 and 2021 seasons have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  Currently US citizens are not allowed into Italy on regular tourist visas.  This may change at the end of June 2021, but it won't be in time for our season.

We are hoping that the Summer 2022 season will take place, but will not be opening applications until we have more information.

If you have some questions you'd like answered about the Archaeological field school, please click here.


Contact Information

Prof. Linda Rulman
Faculty / Director
Saint Anselm College Orvieto
Palazzo Negroni, Piazza Corsica, 2.
Orvieto (TR) 05018 Italia
phone: +39 333 9313426