You may enter Saint Anselm with the intention of pursuing a post-graduate professional degree. If you are interested in graduate work in dentistry, medicine, law, or theology, you may choose any of our undergraduate majors. In addition to an advisor in your chosen major, a pre-professional advisor will offer you guidance in selecting appropriate courses required for admission to post-graduate programs and will assist you through the application process.

Counselors in our departments of Career Education Services and Academic Advisement are also available to assist you in career exploration, locating internships, and applying for both jobs and graduate programs.

Pre-Medical or Pre-Dental

Saint Anselm College offers courses that prepare you for graduate study in medicine (allopathic, osteopathic, and podiatric), dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant and any other allied health profession. The Chief Health Professions Advisor can help you prepare for this career choice. For more information, see Pre-Health/Pre-Med Advising & Preparation below.


No specific program of study is required to gain admittance to law school. If you are interested in law school, you should meet with the director of academic advisement for individual academic planning. A specific program of study based on educational interests and career goals can be shaped for you.


The Pre-Theological Program involves concentration in philosophy and courses in the classical languages.

3-2 Engineering

Saint Anselm offers a five-year cooperative liberal arts and engineering program in affiliation with the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana; the University of Massachusetts Lowell; The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.; and Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York.

Students spend three years at Saint Anselm College fulfilling the liberal arts and science prerequisites for engineering. In an additional two years, at one of the above universities selected by the student, the remaining engineering requirements are fulfilled.

Under this arrangement, the student receives the bachelor of arts degree from Saint Anselm College, subsequent to the fulfillment of graduation requirements, and, upon the successful completion of the fifth year, an engineering degree from the cooperative institution's school of engineering.

The 3-2 engineering major is offered through Saint Anselm's Physics Department. For more information, please refer to the Online College Catalogue or visit the Physics Department homepage.

This is Where You'll Go

Whether it's medical school, law school, or any other school, you'll be prepared with the knowledge and skills to graduate top of your class.

Recent schools and programs:

  • Virginia Tech program in economics
  • University of Notre Dame ESTEEM Program
  • Yale University School of Nursing
  • Georgetown, School of Law
  • Tufts University for master's in engineering
  • Harvard University Ph.D. program in biochemistry
  • Providence College's PACT program for master's in education

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  • Pre-Health Advising & Preparation

    Saint Anselm College offers courses that prepare you for graduate study in medicine (allopathic, osteopathic, and podiatric), dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant and any other allied health profession.


    Your choice of major is independent of your career goals. Many students choose to major in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, psychology or natural science. You are encouraged to choose a major in which you can excel.


    When planning your schedules you are advised to include the following courses:

    • BI 103-104 General Biology I and II
    • CH 130-131 General Chemistry I and II
    • CH 250-251 Organic Chemistry I and II
    • BI 336 Biochemistry
    • PS 121-122 General Physics I and II (or PS131-132 Classical Physics)

    Recommended courses that will also fulfill the college's core requirements:

    • EN 105 - Freshman English
    • Aesthetic Reasoning - a course in the English department, as many schools have 1 or semester English requirements.
    • Quantitative Reasoning - BI 345 Biostatistics, or any other statistics course such as SO212, PY301, or BU121
    • Social Scientific Reasoning - any psychology or sociology course that fulfills this outcome.

    Some of the professional schools (i.e. physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy and entry-level MS nursing) require BI 331-332 Human Anatomy and Physiology (this course is not recommended for medical or dental school preparation), and BI 318 Microbiology for majors. Students should look carefully at the programs that they may want to apply to as the requirements for these programs vary significantly.


    Since your choice of major is independent of your ultimate career goals, you will have an academic advisor in the major. The chief health professions advisor will assist you in insuring that you are enrolled in the proper classes, as well as a provide assistance navigating the application process.

    Pre-Professional Committee

    Prior to applying to graduate programs, the college's Pre-professional committee interviews students and writes a letter of reference for the student. The committee is comprised of faculty across disciplines who are both supportive and keenly interested in helping students proceed on their chosen paths. Interviews typically occur in the spring of the junior year.

    Contact Information

    Carolyn Weinreb, Ph.D.
    Chief Health Professions Advisor

  • Going On to Graduate School

    Interested in continuing your studies? You'll see your Saint Anselm degree can lead to other equally impressive degrees.

    Academic Advisement

    Many Saint Anselm students choose to continue their education in graduate and professional programs and academic advisors are eager to help you explore your options and prepare a strategy to apply and be accepted to graduate school.
    Whether you're considering medical or law school, deciding between a Masters or a Ph.D, preparing to take the GREs, or you just need help understanding the application process, you'll want to visit the Academic Advisement office early in your college career to be sure that you're on the right track.

    For more information or to set up an appointment with an advisor, contact Academic Advisement at (603) 641-7465.