In the spirit of what is best in a liberal arts education, the academic core at Saint Anselm College has been designed to offer students a breadth of experience that will prepare them for life; an education that not only provides professional and career preparation, but also encourages a lifelong pursuit of truth that will sustain and enrich their lives. This education is facilitated through a core curriculum composed of a set of common courses and learning outcomes considered essential for the education of students in all majors.

The college has recently revised and reinvigorated its academic core by adopting a new core curriculum that began fall 2014. The new core is characterized by its balance between common courses that foster a sense of academic community and elective courses that allow for individual student choice. Additional information, including core course requirements, is provided in theĀ Guide to the Core Curriculum.

The core curriculum includes three major elements:

  • Humanities
  • College Writing
  • Core Learning Outcomes