For Title IX training videos, please select one of the links below:

  1. OCR Short Webinar on How to Report Sexual Harassment under Title IX
    (14 minutes)
  2. OCR Webinar on New Title IX Protections Against Sexual Assault
    (17 minutes)
  3. OCR Webinar on Due Process Protections under the New Title IX Regulations 
    (17 minutes)
  4. Conducting and Adjudicating Title IX Hearings: An OCR Training Webinar 
    (18 minutes)
  5. OCR Webinar: Title IX Regulations Addressing Sexual Harassment 
    (1 hour, 12 minutes)


Additional training materials: 

  1. "The 411 on Title IX for Student Leaders," a PowerPoint presentation from the Title IX Office.
    (This PowerPoint is available upon request from the Title IX Office.)