The Saint Anselm College nursing program offers the following resources for currently enrolled students. Please carefully review the health and clinical requirements for nursing majors, and other important information, below. 


Student Nursing Handbook 

Please contact the Nursing Program for a copy of the handbook.


Bloodborne Pathogens Policy 

Please contact the Nursing Program for a copy of the policy.


Health and Clinical Requirements for Nursing Majors

Health and immunizations are monitored to meet the basic requirements of clinical affiliations and to assist in the maintenance of physical and emotional health necessary to meet the demands of the curriculum.  Any preexisting health issues must be brought to the attention of the Executive Director of Nursing.  These health issues remain the responsibility of the student and/or parents or guardians and may not interfere with the goals of the program. 

ALL information for sophomore nursing majors must be submitted to the nursing office by September 1.  For junior and senior nursing majors the information must be submitted to the nursing office by August 1st .  A grade penalty will be applied if all health and clinical requirements are not received by the required date.  For every week that a student is non-compliant with healthcare requirements, 5 points will be taken off of the first nursing exam grade. If an individual is late the second week, an additional 5 points will be deducted, and so forth.



  1. IGRA: QuantiFERON®-TB Gold OR T-SPOT® TB test 
    OR  2-Step Mantoux tuberculin skin test (TST).
    A 2-step TST requires a PPD placed and read 48-72 hours later, followed by a second PPD placed 1-3 weeks later and read 48-72 hours later.
  2. Two doses of MMR vaccine
  3. Two doses of Varicella vaccine
  4. Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine ANDdocumentation of positive Hepatitis B Titer results.
    a.    If titer is negative re-immunization is required with follow-up titer.
  5. Tdap (tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis) within 10 years
  6. *Current CPR Certification
  7. **Flu shot
  8. COVID-19 vaccination: one J&J OR two Pfizer/Moderna PLUS  any booster.  Subject to change based on current CDC recommendations


Juniors and Seniors 

  1. IGRA: QuantiFERON®-TB Gold OR T-SPOT® TB test OR Mantoux tuberculin skin tst (TST)
  2. *CPR certification
  3. **Flu shot


Additional Requirements for Sophomore, Junior and Senior Nursing Majors

  1. Any additional COVID-19 booster received.
  2. Copy of Health Insurance card (front and back)
  3. All nursing majors are required to complete a NH Criminal Record Release Form and an online background check.  The instructions for these are sent out via email.
  4. Mandatory drug screening: performed on campus prior to the start of spring semester sophomore year, and prior to the start of fall semester for juniors and seniors.  May also be required randomly depending on clinical rotation site placement.
  5. Mandatory respirator FIT testing:  performed on campus and may be required of sophomores, juniors, or seniors depending on clinical rotation site placement.


*    Nursing majors must provide evidence of completion of a CPR course for health care providers.  Please ensure there is a hands-on component to the course or it may not be approved.


**  Flu shots are mandatory except for documented medical reasons.  Due in October, a specific date will be sent via email from the Program Coordinator.  Nasal flu vaccine is not acceptable   The Flu shot can be obtained at the College Health Services for a small fee


All immunizations and titers are required. Failure to comply will result in denial of clinical placement.