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Ande Diaz

A Word from Dr. Ande Diaz, Chief Diversity Officer

Welcome and welcome back!

As we settle into our fall term on the Hilltop, we are delighted to shine a Spotlight on Dr. Diane Uzarski, our new Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. This issue will also update the community on the college’s DEI Action Plan. The plan under implementation with initiatives ranging from Community Cinema to faculty review of DEI in our Core curriculum. More initiatives are rolling out this year. Any questions or suggestions about the college’s DEI Action Plan can be directed to me at

Other changes, the Diversity & Inclusion Innovation Grants now have a rolling deadline. That means more opportunities to apply for funding to advance YOUR ideas to strengthen a culture of inclusion at the college! (See the QR code and application on our website.)

As we look forward this fall, Saint A’s continues to offer our community a “front-row seat to democracy.” Just in the past few weeks, we hosted Senator Bernie Saunders (D) and former Vice President Mike Pence (R). In a time when so much of our public discourse gets personal and contentious, let us look for ways to engage in robust and respectful conversations about public policies that matter to our nation’s citizens.



Spotlight on Diversity

Where is home for you?

Durham, North Carolina is my home base! And, it’s where I hold my happy memories with my daughter Joey and our chosen family. I’m so looking forward to making a 2nd home here in Manchester over time.

I suppose it will really feel like home when I have a vegetable garden here!

How will you make this your new professional home?

Diane Uraski in her back yard
Diane M. Uzarski
Dean and Professor of Practice

It’s been so easy in a short time to get to know folks here at Saint Anselm. This is a warm and inviting community of people who feel so passionately about the college and our students. It also helps that I walk my dogs on campus each evening to take in the campus energy outside of my workday!

What do you think we are doing well in terms of DEI?

As we build our new school of nursing, public health and health sciences, I am so encouraged by my early conversations with faculty who care deeply about helping all community members – and especially students – to thrive and feel a sense of belonging at the school. There are folks at the School who participate in campus-wide DEI efforts and are committed to a journey of self-study and personal development around DEI.

What do you think we can do better?

From what I’ve learned in a short time, there is an opportunity for all of us - not just a handful – to realize that DEI is a priority – that will help our School to be a stronger community and prepare our students to address being more inclusive and prepared to address health equity issues upon graduation.

How are you looking forward to being part of Saint As’ positive change?

I come from a place in the South where there has been a huge racial reckoning over the years – and commitment to the hard work to dismantle racial inequities and unjust systems in education and health care. DEI work energizes me, and I thrive best in a diverse environment. You can hold me to it – I am going to work hard to recruit students of different backgrounds and cultures, and as dean, develop and support the work of a team within our School who cares deeply about DEI and student success.

DEI Action Plan

DEI Action Plan logo

As part of the college’s Strategic Plan, the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Action Plan Committee led the college launch of focused progress in areas ranging from curriculum to student success. Below are some highlights:

  • Curricular enhancements: New courses have been introduced and a faculty committee is preparing recommendations for strengthening the Core.
  • The Anselmian Network for Racial Justice Inventory - curricular offerings.
  • Enhanced student leadership learning experiences (e.g. Serve, Engage, Empower and Knowledge (SEEK) program).
  • Accelerate fundraising for scholarships to remove barriers.
  • College hired additional staff for Disabilities Resources, the Intercultural Center and a new TRIO Program
  • Launched the “Voices of Change” speaker series to voices not frequently heard on campus.
  • Launched the Community Cinema.
  • Completed a Physical Plant Accessibility Status Report presented to SGA.
  • Provide training on unconscious bias to search committees.
  • Provide faculty/staff with development of intercultural knowledge/skills (IDI).
  • Provide peer “training to students.
  • Piloted Inclusion Advocates initiative for search committees to broaden candidate pools.

Did You Know?

Topic: Listening to Student Voices shapes College-wide professional development

Cultivating curiosity and a love of life-long-learning is part an Anselmian community education. And like students, faculty and staff too, are interested in acquiring new knowledge and practicing new skills to ensure all community members thrive.

One expression of our Catholic values is that the college administration has been listening deeply to student voices. And President Favazza has challenged his team to incorporate student recommendations in shaping faculty and staff professional development and training. As a community, we are elevating our student-focused culture to becoming a student-ready campus. Upcoming professional development opportunities include:

  • Launching the Council of Independent Colleges, “Belong” program, which provides resources to support students’ sense of belonging and success. A webinar, “Strategies for Fostering Inclusive Campus Communities: Mitigating Stereotype Threat and Imposter Phenomenon,” will be Tuesday, September 19, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Register here. For questions, contact Prof. Christine Gustafson (
  • Piloting a lifelong learning professional development series including regular “Lunch and Learn” sessions. Topics will range from “Supporting Student Success” to “Responding to Bias Incidents.” Contact Molly McKean (Human Resources) or Ande Diaz (Office for Diversity & Inclusion) with suggestions or questions.
  • The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Campus Team is growing and providing tools to departments, committees, and individuals. See website for details. Intercultural Development Inventory (
  • Hosting a Center for Teaching Excellence session on inclusive teaching strategies in November, details to come. Contact CTE Co-directors Dianna Terrell dterrell@Anselm.Edu and Deb McCarter regarding CTE offerings.


Community Cinema:
Fall Film Lineup: Diversity in Stem

  • Thursday, September 28, at 7:00 PM Perini Hall: Community Cinema presents “Secret Agent of the Underground Railroad”, sponsored by the Intercultural Center.
  • Thursday, October 26, at 7:00 PM Perini Hall: Community Cinema presents “Picture a Scientist”, sponsored by the Intercultural Center.
  • Thursday, November 30, at 7:00 PM Perini Hall: Community Cinema presents “The Man Who Knew Infinity”, sponsored by the Intercultural Center.

Other Events:

“Seeds of Hope: Mental Health in our Communities” to address one of the most pressing issues in society today with Dr. Thelma Bryant on 9/19 at 11:30am. Hosted by the Center for Ethics and the Psychology Department.

Diversity & Inclusion Innovation Fund 

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