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Majors and Minors of Interest

Saint Anselm College regularly offers a continually changing and diverse array of courses each semester that focus on global society, history, literature, religion, politics, and gender. Included below are majors and minors that may be of interest to you.

American Studies Major and Minor
American Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that integrates history, political science, literature, economics, fine arts, sociology, theology, philosophy, criminal justice, and a variety of other disciplines to explore American (typically the United States) civilization. American Studies majors ask broad questions about the nature of American culture, civilization, and identity. Students of American studies are challenged to question why American culture developed as it did and to explore what influences have shaped this nation's identity.

Gender Studies Minor
The minor in Gender Studies gives students the methodological and theoretical tools to analyze gender's role and significance in the social, political, and personal formation of the human person. Students will explore gender through various lenses, such as the arts, humanities and social and natural sciences. Gender Studies aims to provide its students with a critical framework in which the analysis of gender and all it entails can be imaginatively and empathetically applied to students' public and private lives.

International Business Major
The international business major at Saint Anselm College offers a distinctive liberal arts foundation complemented by a business core with internationally focused business courses. This combination helps students gain business knowledge and a broad-based global awareness and understanding required to work effectively in varied environments with a diverse workforce.

International Relations Major and Minor
The program of study in International Relations combines a rigorous and diverse set of courses from the social sciences and the humanities to help students develop conceptual and problem solving skills to address global issues that are by nature complex and interdisciplinary.

Modern Languages and Literature Department
Through a three semester sequence of courses in Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish, emphasizing understanding, speaking, reading, and writing, the department seeks to develop linguistic skill and provide cultural enrichment. Students are able to major in French, German Studies and Spanish. The Department also offers minors in Russian Area Studies, Asian Studies, French, German, Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Peace and Justice Studies Major and Minor
The interdisciplinary Peace and Justice Studies major prepares students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to help shape a more just and peaceful world. Courses familiarize students with the major ideas, concepts, and theories of peace and justice; detailed knowledge of problems, issues and challenges such as poverty, racism, and war; and various approaches to solutions.

Theology Major and Minor
Theological inquiry seeks an understanding of the mystery of God and of the human condition. Specifically, the task of Christian theology is to express meaningfully the revelation of Jesus, and to examine and explain the faith of the Christian community in its historical, contemporary, and global contexts. Theology is equally concerned with the practical implications of living a life of faith, particularly in its moral, spiritual, and liturgical dimensions.