1990 - 1992 - Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France. NSF Postdoctoral Research Associate.
1990 - Ph.D. Harvard University.
1986 - M.A. Harvard University.
1984 - B.S. summa cum laude. Loyola College. Chemistry.

I teach introductory non-major and major course as well as courses related to characterization, analysis, and inorganic systems. In addition I teach about applications of science and chemistry to forensic applications.

  • CH110 Principles of Physical Science I

  • CH130 General Chemistry I - Lecture, Laboratory, Recitation and Honors

  • CH131 General Chemistry II - Recitation, Honors

  • CH220 Forensic Chemistry -Lecture and Laboratory

  • CH250 & CH251 Organic Chemistry I, II

  • CH270 Analytical Chemistry I - Quantitative Analysis

  • CH310 Analytical Chemistry II - Instrumental Analysis

  • CH340 Inorganic Chemistry I

  • CH360 Inorganic Chemistry II

  • CH370 Synthesis and Characterization (with other faculty members)

  • CH400 Independent Study-Synthetic and Computational Methods in Chemistry

  • CH420 Research and Seminar