Liana Pennington

Liana Pennington

Associate Professor



PhD      Northeastern University, Law, Policy and Society
JD        Georgetown University Law Center, Law
BA        Hampshire College, Education and Sociology

  • Cyber Law and Policy
  • Police Surveillance
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Law and Society
  • Criminal Courts         

My teaching focuses on criminal law and procedure, criminal courts, and police surveillance and cyber law. I am particularly interested in how new technology challenges many of the traditional approaches to criminal law. I bring to my classes a background in law and experience as a trial attorney at the New Hampshire Public Defender's office. In my courses I encourage students to critically examine their belief systems regarding both criminal defendants and law enforcement. I enjoy using an active learning format in class, including discussion, court simulations, and other interactive activities. The study of law and the criminal justice system encompasses issues that affect all of us, so I strive to connect course material to students' everyday lives and experiences.

My research intersects the areas of socio-legal studies and criminal law and procedure, with a focus on the causes and consequences of low levels of trust in the criminal justice system. My current work looks at law enforcement’s use of new technology, exploring how issues of individual privacy, government transparency, and community participation intersect with police surveillance. My past research examines whether individuals experience the court process as fair and legitimate and includes work with parents in juvenile delinquency courts and with jurors in criminal cases. My work has been published in Criminology, British Journal of Criminology, Law & Society Review, Law & Social Inquiry, Justice System Journal, Law & Policy, and The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law.