1999 - B.A., Saint Anselm College, Psychology
2001 - M.A., Fordham University, Clinical Psychology
2006 - Ph.D.,  Ph.D., Fordham University, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Brady is an alumna of Saint Anselm College (class of '99). She is a mother, occasional triathalete (well, a sprint tri but still!), and a sucker for trips to NYC and costume jewelry (or trips to NYC for costume jewelry!)

In addition to research on risk and resilience Dr. Brady has developed a specialty in technology, employee training, diversity and organizational psychology.  Dr. Brady is a licensed clinical psychologist with additional certifications in leadership coaching, addiction treatment, infant mental health, and conflict mediation. Her clinical efforts have served returning veteran's, chronically ill patients, professional teams, families in crisis, and patients with trauma and addiction.

Ronald E. McNair Fellow, UNH '98, Glamour Top Ten College Women Competition winner '98, New England Educational Opportunity Achiever, '11