Education and Honors

9/95 - 12/96 - National Institute of Standards and Technology, NRC Postdoctoral Associate
1996 - Ph.D. University of Massachusetts. Analytical Chemistry
1994 - M.S. University of Massachusetts. Analytical Chemistry
1991 - B.S. Bucknell University. Chemistry

Barbara J. Stahl Fellow in Science and the Humanities, 2022-2024
Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow, 2017
Certified Senior Spectroscopist (Society for Applied Spectroscopy), 2016                              Society for Applied Spectroscopy Fellow - 2014
Research featured on several journal covers - Applied Spectroscopy, Analytical Methods, Spectroscopy

My research interests are focused on the use of instrumentation for analytical measurements. This broad area of study has provided me with the opportunity to work on a diverse range of samples from beer to turtles. My recent research efforts have involved analytical measurements on archaeological and cultural heritage samples such as ancient bronze coins, lead pipes, mortar, ceramics, and historic fabrics. A brief summary of these projects follows.

Current Projects

Portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy as valuable tools for archaeology and cultural heritage (May 2008 to present). 

  • Elemental and molecular spectroscopy are applied at various archaeology sites. Samples analyzed thus far have included wall mortars, floor tiles, hypocaust tiles, hydraulic cements, plasters, lead pipes, fibula, pigments on fresco, paints, tesserae, ceramics, loom weights, and coins.
  • Elemental and molecular spectroscopy are applied to cultural heritage and art objects. Collaborators include the Msgr. Wilfrid H. Paradis Archives at Saint Anselm College, the Manchester Historic Association, and the Currier Art Museum.

Past Projects

  • Characterization of organic pollutants and metals in a local ecosystems (September 1999-May 2002)
  • Determination of diacetyl in beer samples by isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (September 2001-May 2002, Collaboration with Dr. Daniel Lavoie of the Saint Anselm College Biology Department). 
  • Development of instrumentation for mercury speciation (May 2002-December 2003, Collaboration with Leeman Laboratories Inc, Hudson NH). 
  • Development of an arsenic speciation method using high performance liquid chromatography with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometric detection (September 2004-May 2005, Collaboration with VHG Laboratories Inc, Manchester NH). 
  • Collection and characterization of volatile biological compounds from wood turtles and salamanders (September 2007 to December 2009), collaborations with Dr. Barry Wicklow and Dr. Lori LaPlante of the Saint Anselm College Biology Department). 


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