2004 - Ph.D., Ohio State University, History
1998 - M.A., Ohio State University, History
1996 - B.A., University of Michigan, History

My primary area of research is U.S. relations with the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) in the 1950s and 1960s. I am particularly interested in American and South Vietnamese efforts to use propaganda and other informational activities to bolster public support for the South Vietnamese government. I have also published articles or book chapters on such topics as recent scholarship on the Vietnam War and the parallels between the Vietnam War and the war in Iraq. More recently I have been working on projects that bridge historical research and pedagogy. I am co-editor of a of book series through University of Wisconsin Press on teaching historical topics. I co-edited the first volume in the series, Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War. My current project is an edited book on teaching the Cold War.