Ph.D.   Theology and Ethics, 1993, Duke University

M.Div.  Late Ancient Christianity, 1979, Harvard University

A.B.     Religious Studies and Classics, 1976, Brown University

Lecturer in Theology: St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH.
     “Biblical Theology,” Fall 2023 (2 classes).

Lecturer in the Humanities: St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH.
     “Conversatio,” Fall 2022.

Adjunct Instructor: Virginia Theological Seminary
     "The Finality of Christ," Spring 2010 (6-week term)

Guest Lecturer: St. Nicholas Theological Seminary, Cape Coast, Ghana (February 2009).

Professorial Lecturer: Theology Department, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
     “The Problem of God,” Fall 2008

Adjunct Instructor: The Evening School of Theology, Virginia Theological Seminary
     “The Worship of the Church,” Spring 2006 and Spring 2008.
     “The Church in Contemporary American Culture,” Spring 2004.

Instructor: Rosemont College Accelerated Degree Program, Fall 1998-Spring 2002.
     “World Religious Traditions: Western,” Spring 1999 and Spring 2000.
     “World Religious Traditions: Eastern,” Fall 1998, Spring 2001 and 2002.
     “Philosophy of Straight Thinking,” Fall 1998.

Assistant Professor: Temple University, Fall 1994-Fall 1997 (non-tenure track)
   Undergraduate Religion Courses:
     “Death and Dying,” Spring 1997.
     “Introduction to World Religions,” Summer 1996 (2 classes).
     “What is Christianity,” Spring 1997, Summer and Fall 1995.
     “Religion in Western Society,” [Judaism, Christianity, and Islam], Summers of 1995 and 1996.
   Graduate Religion Courses:
     “Theories of Colonialism and Postcolonialism,” Graduate Seminar, Spring 1996.
     “Proseminar in Religion and the Social Sciences,” Graduate Seminar, Spring and Fall 1995.
     “Proseminar in Christianity,” Graduate Seminar, Spring 1995.
     “Genealogies of Critical Theory,” Graduate Seminar, Fall 1994.
   Undergraduate Core Curriculum:
     “Intellectual Heritage 51,” 1996-7 (5 classes), 1995-6 (3 classes)
     “Intellectual Heritage 52,” 1994-1995 (3 classes).

Instructor: Trinity College, Duke University
     “Christianity,” Spring 1994.

Visiting Lecturer: The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
     “Introduction to Religion and Culture,” Fall 1993.
     “Introduction to Philosophical Approaches to Religion,” Spring 1993.

Instructor: Trinity College, Duke University
     Seminar on “Death and Dying,” Fall 1989.
     “Introduction to Christian Theology and Ethics,” Spring 1989.

Teaching Assistant: Duke Divinity School
     “Early and Medieval Church History,” Fall 1991.
     “Theology and the Practice of Preaching,” Spring 1991.

Teaching Assistant: Trinity College, Duke University
     “Christians in Crisis,” Spring 1991.
     “Religion in Western Society," Fall 1988.
​​​​​​​     “Faith and Politics," Spring 1988.