Gilberto A. Ruiz


+1(603) 641-7093



Ph.D., 2013, Emory University (New Testament)
M.T.S., 2005, Harvard Divinity School (Scripture and Interpretation)
B.A., 2003, Boston College (Theology, English)

  • Courses
    • TH 100 Biblical Theology
    • TH 108 Introduction to the New Testament
    • TH 110 The Gospels
    • TH 115 Writings of Saint Paul
    • TH 199 Special Topics in Biblical Literacy
    • TH 398 The "Other" Gospels (online winter session course)
  • Research Interests

    My research has two broad components. First, I study the New Testament writings and other early Christian literature in light of Second Temple Judaism and life under the Roman Empire, focusing especially on the Gospel of John and how this gospel intersects with social, economic, religious, and political realities faced by Christians in the first and early second centuries. My second area of focus is biblical interpretation through analytical approaches that foreground the experiences, social concerns, and identities of readers today, especially from minoritized perspectives and Latinx perspectives in particular.

  • Recent publications

    " 'Out of Egypt I Called My Son': Migration as a Male Activity in the New Testament Gospels." In Latinxs, the Bible and Migration, edited by EfraĆ­n Agosto and Jacqueline Hidalgo, 89-108.

    "Examining the Role of the Reader: A Necessary Task for Catholic Biblical Interpretation." Horizons 44.1 (June 2017): 28-55.

    "John 7:32-36: Exegetical Perspective," "John 7:37-52: Exegetical Perspective," and "John 7:53-8:11: Exegetical Perspective." In Feasting on the Gospels: John, Volume 1, edited by Cynthia A. Jarvis and E. Elizabeth Johnson, 235-53. Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2015.

    "A Migrant Being at Work: Movement and Migration in Johannine Christology." Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology (2011):

    Commentaries for Working Preacher (2011-2016)