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Ph.D., Marquette University, Religious Studies:  Systematic Theology
M.A., University of Notre Dame, Theology:  Systematic Theology
B.A., University of Dayton, Communication Arts

  • Courses
    • Christology/Jesus Christ: God and Man
    • The Trinity
    • Christian Saints
    • Mariology
    • Recent Catholic Theologians
    • Religions of Asia: Hinduism
    • Biblical Theology
    • Introduction to the New Testament
    • Humanities
  • Research Interests

    A Catholic systematic theologian, I have diverse research interests that frequently have involved Mary and the saints.

  • Selected Publications

    Why We Venerate the Saints.  New York:  Crossroad Publishing/Herder & Herder, 2012.


    "Marian 'spiritual attitude' and Marian piety."  Marian Studies, vol. 65 (2014):  forthcoming.

    "Theological Instruction and Faith Transmission:  Lonergan's Method as Pedagogy Theology." New Blackfriars, vol. 95, issue 1059 (September 2014):  593-605.

    "Mary as 'Missionary':  Balthasar's Mariology as a Resource for Engaging the Faithful in the New Evangelization."  Marian Studies, vol. 64 (2013): 59-84.

    "Mary in Luther's 1520 Advent Exposition of the Magnificat vis-à-vis Contemporary Catholic Mariology."  Celebrating Twenty Years of Luther Digest, vol. 20 Supplement (2012): 143-158.

    "Saints as the 'living gospel':  Balthasar's revealers of the Revealer, Rahner's mediators of the Mediator."  The Heythrop Journal, vol.55 (March 2014):  270-285.

    "Theology in 'contact with its own times':  Advertising and Evangelization."  New Blackfriars, vol. 92, issue 1040 (July 2011):  443-463.

    "The Unity of Individual and Ecclesial Graces in the Roles of the Saints."  Irish Theological Quarterly 72, no. 4 (2007):  371-390.

    "Mary's Virginity as 'the sign of her faith':  A Study of the Nature-Grace Dynamic." Marian Studies, vol. 58 (2007):  1-25.

    "The Nonvowed Form of the Lay State in the Life of the Church."  Theological Studies 68, no. 2 (June 2007):  320-347.

    "A Reinterpretation of Invocation and Intercession of the Saints."  Theological Studies 66, no. 2 (June 2005):  381-400.