Philip Pajakowski


+1(603) 641-7047



1989 - Ph.D., Indiana University, East European History
1980 - B.A., Manchester College, History

  • Research Interests

    My graduate studies focused on the history of Central and Eastern Europe, in particular the political history of the Habsburg Empire. My research concerned the political thought and policies of Polish conservative landowners in the empire in the late nineteenth century, and especially their participation in the parliament in Vienna. The project touched on issues of national conflict and the development of parliamentary powers in the Habsburg Empire.

    Currently my primary interest is in political and legal history, in particular criminal law and procedure and the conduct of criminal trials involving social radicals.  The aim of the project is explore the nature of authoritarian government in late imperial Austria through an examination of the boundaries of acceptable political discourse and the rights of subjects in courts of law.

  • Courses Taught
    • History 101 Origins of European Civilization

    • History 328 History of the Habsburg Empire

    • History 329 History of Modern Germany

    • History 330 Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century

    • History 331 History of European Socialism

    • History 337 History of Russia

    • History 349 Special Topics: Crime and Punishment in European History.
    • History 382 Survey of Middle Eastern History
    • History 489 Reading Seminar: Nazi Germany
  • Works in Progress

    Authority, Dissent, and Justice in Late Imperial Austria: The Merstallinger Case (book manuscript in progress).

    "Liberalism and the Reform of Criminal Justice in Late Imperial Austria" (article manuscript in progress).

  • Selected Publications

    "Ambiguities of Assimilation: The Cracow Conservatives and the Jews," POLIN: Studies in Polish Jewry, 23 (2011) 83-102

    "Michal Bobrzynski, 1846-1935" in Nation and History: Polish Historians from the Enlightenment to the Second World War, eds. Peter Brock and Piotr Wrobel (University of Toronto Press, 2006): 141-164.

    "Populationism' and the Social Policy of Austrian Enlightened Absolutism" in The Industrial Revolution in Historical Perspective, eds. Micheal Thompson and Christine Rider (Krieger Press, 1999).

    "History, the Peasantry, and the Polish Nation in the Thought of Michal Bobrzynski" Nationalities Papers 26.2 (1998):249-264.

    "Austrian Legislation against Social Radicalism, 1886," The Historian 58.1 (1995):35-48.

    "Dynamics of Galician Polish Conservatism in the Late Nineteenth Century," Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas 43 (1995):19-33.

    "The Polish Club, Badeni, and the Austrian Parliamentary Crisis of 1897," Canadian Slavonic Papers 35.1-2 (1993):103-120.

    "'The Free Conviction, Rising from within':  Julius Glaser and the Establishment of Trial by Jury in Liberal Austria,"  Journal on European History of Law, 7,2 (2016):  27-35.